Date : 18 / Feb / 2017
Time : 7 pm
Address : Sky 149 Pierpont Ave Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Tel : 801.883.8714

Aaron Westley Presents “COMEDY SHOW”

Tickets at Door : $20



Doors open 7pm-9:30pm. This is an independent promoter’s show before DJ KARMA. Please contact Aaron Westley for more information. 714.224.8337




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Special Information:
Must be 21+ to attend.
SKY SLC is a nightclub, event space and live music concert venue in downtown Salt Lake City. We have a strict dress code on Saturdays – no jerseys, no logos/graphics, no hats, no tanks or T-shirts, nothing baggy, no cargo shorts, chains, or negative attitudes. We spend good money on world-class entertainment so we can all have a great time. Please act and dress like a grown up or we won’t let you sit with us. Party.